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Nandikund is a beautiful high altitude lake spread over an area of 1.5 km located at 15748 ft. enroute to Madhyamaheshwar – Kalpeshwar trail. The trail commands a beautiful view of lush green meadows and the snow covered Chaukhamba group of peaks of and Mandani Parbat. This high altitude trek takes you over the high ranges without involving the glaciers or even snow if attempted in autumn. However, during spring and early summer, you may find plenty of snow.


What to Take

Closed cell foam mat/bed roll – even if planning to stay in a hut, take one of these. Strap on to the bottom of your pack and it provides a great seat when you want to have a rest and in an emergency these are extremely useful for getting an injured person off the cold ground, they can also be used for immobilising joints eg broken arms and legs. Therma-rests work very well too. A mat ideally needs to be more than 1m long to be effective.

Walking stick/pole – not only does a stick or pole make walking easier, especially if someone has a sprained ankle, they are invaluable if you suddenly have to erect an emergency shelter or for making splints for fractures. Make sure you have at least two poles in your party. Sticks work well, but if you are above the bushline you aren’t going to find one!

Sharp pocket knife – not only makes chopping your salami and cheese easier, but vital for wilderness first aid e.g. making make-shift bandages out of clothing, cutting bed rolls up etc.

Spare clothes – consider having a couple of spare polypro layers and hat that live in your pack for emergencies, never know when you might need them

Bandages/dressings – are great things to have in your first aid kit, but in an emergency where someone has a major bleed you will be using anything you can get your hands on, cotton is much more absorbent than synthetics so consider having an old tee shirt or small towel for this possibility, you will find other uses for it too.

Spare torch batteries – if your flash light has an on-button on top, you need to beware that it doesn't switch on by accident.

Trek Description

REGION Garhwal Himalayas
GRADE Difficult
Max ALTITUDE 5,300 mtrs

Short itinerary

Day -1 :-Haridwar/Rishikesh/Dehradun → Nanu
Max Altitude: 2,360 mtrs
Distance: 252 Km (By Road) & 7 Km (Trek)
Time Taken : 12-13 Hours
Day -2 :- Nanu → Madhymaheshwar
Altitude: 3,500 mtrs
Distance: 6 Km
Time Taken : 5-6 Hours
Day -3 :- Madhymaheshwar → Kachani dhar
Altitude: 4,500 mtrs
Distance: 9 Km
Time Taken : 7-8 Hours
Day -4 :- Kachani dhar → Pandavsera
Altitude: 4,200 mtrs
Distance: 9 Km
Time Taken : 6-7 Hours
Day -5 :- Pandavsera → Nandikund → Giya Vinayak Pass → Barma
Altitude: 5,300 mtrs
Distance: 12 Km
Time Taken : 10-11 Hours
Day -6 :- Barma → Bansi Narayan
Altitude: 3,500 mtrs
Distance: 15 Km
Time Taken : 9-10 Hours
Day -7 :- Bansi Narayan → Urgam
Altitude: 2,200 mtrs
Distance: 13 Km
Time Taken : 7-8 Hours
Day -8 :- Urgam → Haridwar/Rishikesh/Dehradun

note that you will be staying at a guest house in Sari. The stay on all other days is in tents (3 per tent).

It is mandatory for trekkers to carry a copy of their photo id for entry at forest check posts on the trek.